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Log Crafting


      Log Post Truss's , Cabins and Barns

  Sometimes square timbers just aren't what you want, that truly western feel of big Spruce logs from the Rocky Mountains are hard to resist.  Logs are a very efficiant way to build an extreemly sturdy post and beam structure with totaly sustainable and renewable resources.

  We love to build small log cabins (see dovetail  and piece-en-piece sections) with log walls but in a home with lots of other things going on like big kitchens and stairways, lots of bathrooms and electrical issues we think logs are best used as post, beams, truss's and purlins for the structure, then traditional framing or sip's panels for the walls and roof covering. Then you can add back in some log trim details, log stairs and log siding to get your desired amount of loggyness.   And its very handy to have the full timber frame sawmill handy for custom cuts and unique architectural pieces 

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