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Traditional Handcrafted Frames 


Our Mission :  

Build handcrafted homes and cabins that are a pleasure to live with. First we source the best possible trees for your project, then we either log them ourselves or purchase from other like minded salvage loggers. Then we select each log for the sawmills, a 6" Select bandsaw or Brand X circular saw, and make the best piece of timber or trim for the building that we can out of it. Then , forgoing the cnc robot, we layout, cut, chisel, adze, slick, hand plane, scrape, draw knife, broad ax...

until your frame is sitting on your foundation.

Standing Dead Timbers

We have a long history of salvage logging throughout the Rocky Mountains. The Lodgepole Pine, Engleman Spruce and Douglas Fir trees have been dying at an alarming rate. Timber framing and log building is often the only utilization for these trees because as they dry the checks get too big and deep to cut into boards at the industrial sawmills. For our purposes it just doesn't get any better than dry wood, short trucking hauls and cleaning up our local forest so they can once again regrow and be healthy.  

Standing Dead Douglas Fir Truss's

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